"One of the deepest needs is to be completely heard,
completely understood and completely accepted."
                                     Carl Rogers

My approach is humanistic, based on the conviction that each person possesses in him/herself the necessary resources for his/her development process.

The humanist perspective views human nature as fundamentally good, with the potential to maintain meaningful relationships in good health and to make choices that are in the best interest of self and others. Humanistic psychologists lead their clients to free themselves from assumptions and functions that might prevent them from living a more fulfilled life. They encourage and emphasise growth and self-actualisation. For humanistic psychologists, not being truly oneself is the source of difficulties.

I accompany you with active and attentive listening, questions, observations, and feedback that will help you clarify your situation and shed new light on what you are experiencing. We will explore that "small or large pebble in the shoe" that is preventing you from moving forward. Together, we will set out on a journey to help you resume your growth, whether personal or professional. 

Depending on the issues brought up in the sessions, I can integrate elements from other approaches that I deem relevant to the therapeutic path. These are mainly the cognitivo-behavioral approach and the body-mind approach. Each person is unique, so my support is adapted to each life story.